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You're in the right place if you read this point before the point on Benefits...
Wenerate is an early stage startup that is just getting through its first round of venture capital and acquiring its first customers. At this stage, 9 out of 10 startups die or go bankrupt. For us to be that 1, we need to do a lot together. We are a team of people who are united by a strong interest in energy and sustainability. We do this because we love the subject and we have identified problems with our customers that we can solve. We have been able to validate our idea from the 'garage' by having 30 clients and 250 million HUF of venture capital invested in our company. We have big plans to use this capital, to develop the software, to build the sales system and to go to other countries in Europe. We are trying to grow the organisation so that those who join us early will find long-term career opportunities with us, either as managers or shareholders. So the risks are high, but if we survive this early stage of life, the rewards will compensate us for all the effort.

You'll have a team of people who want to make a difference every day to make the world a more energy and environmentally sustainable place. We all have a strong attachment to sustainable energy solutions, we read about it in our free time and that's why we get up at the crack of dawn on Sundays...
Founders Bandi, Peti, Marci, Norbi and Zoli, as well as your other future colleagues, are all committed to a flexible and modern working environment. This is reflected in the informal working hours, the priority given to personal and family life, the importance of studies, and the accepting and encouraging atmosphere.

We're looking for you if you're curious, because we believe that curiosity and a thirst for knowledge can make up for any experience. You should also be independent, responsible and have a high level of English. You'll be lucky if you can focus on solutions rather than problems. At this stage in the company's life, it is critical for us that you can think as part of a team and plan for the long term. A keen interest in energy and sustainability and a background in this area is definitely an advantage, but remember what we said about curiosity?

In addition to a competitive salary and the provision of equipment (laptop, phone, etc.), in some positions you can also expect to receive a travel allowance, a company car, a performance-related bonus or even participation in an employee share scheme. We also have a flexible approach to working hours, prioritising results and getting things done over how much time you spend in front of your computer or in the office. We believe work-life balance is essential, so for example, even though it may be necessary to make up for a national holiday on a Saturday, we never have Saturday working days and most positions have at least 2 home office days per week.


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