Consumption data collection

The integration of the different consumptions into one system provides a way to analyse the data collected and stored so far, to identify optimisation opportunities, to eliminate over-consumption and errors and to prepare decisions for future improvements.

Energy consumption statements

Periodic energy analyses reveal, after just a few months, the potential for a substantial reduction in energy consumption - and therefore carbon emissions - by 5% without any extra investment.

Efficiency increasing offers

By analysing the operation of a site, the future energy use and operating costs of that site can be predicted with a reasonable degree of accuracy. With our automated analyses, potential savings, approximate cost of implementation and even the resulting payback period can be made available to our users in the form of "What if..." advice, helping them to make informed decisions.

Consumption and bill comparison

Disagreements on billing between service providers and customers often occur, which can lead to extra administrative work and protracted disputes. If the right data sources and measurement locations are available, the frequency of such cases can be reduced to zero by using a system that automatically detects discrepancies by comparing the values on the bill with the values measured on the spot.

Petrol consumption

EPIs are specific values describing the performance and energy efficiency of individual plants/sites/machinery groups, which are available in our regular management reports, tailored to the profile of the company.

Frequently asked questions


Any energy loss data can be uploaded to our system, whether it is monthly or quarterly. We can manage consumption data in different units of measurement.

There are two ways to upload data manually: either by entering the consumption data directly into our system or by uploading the data in a file.

Data can be uploaded at different intervals, but monthly uploads are recommended for manual uploads.

Yes, with remote reading meters there is no need to manually upload data. By providing access, the data is regularly read and imported into Wenerate's system.


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