The advantages of sub-metering systems:

  • Increase energy efficiency
  • Optimise production processes
  • Support maintenance
  • Easily detect failures
  • Save energy costs
  • Get a measurable return on investment

You are also subject to sub-measurement if you currently operate:

  • 50kW nominal power of electrical equipment,
  • 100kW nominal power of equipment(s) supplied through a single entry point and in a process queue,
  • 70 kW nominal power of heat and/or air conditioning

Submetering system requirements for legal compliance:

  • Accuracy class B measuring equipment (1% measurement accuracy)
  • Minimum 15-minute data rate
  • Capable of data storage and transmission

Follow your consumers with ease

Monitor your metered devices on a transparent platform, compare the energy consumption of different sites, shops and departments and optimise your operations.

Reduce your costs by up to 5-15%

Our software provides monthly, hourly or even 5-minute reports on your metered devices, making it easy to spot malfunctions and unnecessary energy consumption.

We meet your legal obligations

We help you comply with energy legislation that is difficult to follow and often changes. If you are unsure of your metering obligations and want to reduce your costs, consult our experts.

We complement your existing investment

Our software can communicate with most of the sub-meters on the market, so we can help you reduce your energy costs with the data extracted from the metering systems you already have in place.

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Frequently asked questions


Under MEKH Decree 1/2020. If your company is obliged to have an energy consultant according to the annual consumption, the rated output of each installation is classified.'

Most of the time, it is installed in the electrical distribution box, without dismantling the circuits (padlock clamp)

We can advise on this during the site visit. As a rule of thumb, the fuses/protection of the equipment will give you control, 3x63-80 amps is almost certainly required.

You can determine unit prices more accurately, to detect malfunctions, to detect power quality faults.

On the contrary, it promotes proper functioning. In most cases, it is the measurement that reveals that the machines are not working properly.

A meter or metering system capable of at least quarter-hourly measurement, classified in accuracy class B or higher according to NGM Decree 43/2016 (XI. 23.) on specific requirements for measuring instruments, for the measurement of AC active electricity, which is suitable for storing the measured values or for transmitting them to a data collection system for storage.

According to the international standard EN50470-1/-3, sub-meters are classified as class A, B or C. These can be compared with the IEC62053-21/22 standard for active energy measurement: class A corresponds to 2% accuracy, class B to 1% and class C to 0.5%.


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