Energy fundings

In order to achieve legislative changes and tightening to increase energy efficiency, and thus reduce carbon emissions (based on national and EU directives) significant funding resources will also be opened up for companies affected by the obligations.

These fundings usually offer financial support for investments or renovations on very good terms compared to market conditions. Thanks to attractive schemes, deadlines are usually tight and funds are quickly exhausted, even though applications are often accepted after several rounds of pre-qualification.

EKR - Energy Efficiency Obligation Scheme

The aim of the EKR is to support energy users who contribute to reducing energy consumption in our country by implementing energy efficiency investments through the involvement of Energy Traders.

Energy savings verified and certified by auditing organisations will be sold to Energy Traders as a right of property, known as Certified Energy Savings (CERs). This in turn provides investors with significant resources to make investments and thus shorten their payback period.

Hungarian electricity, natural gas and fuel traders have an obligation to save energy, depending on the volume of energy they sell. They have to achieve energy savings in their turnover (either for themselves or for end-users) every year between 2021 and 2030. To achieve these targets, cooperation between energy traders and energy users is needed. If an energy trader fails to meet its obligation in a given year, it will have to pay a contribution of HUF 50,000/GJ to the Hungarian State, which will use this money to achieve energy efficiency targets. In any case, the results of the project must be validated and verified by a specialised energy auditing company before the energy trading is sold.

TAO - Corporation tax refund

The energy efficiency tax credit scheme requires a high level of expertise and precision, as it has to comply with technical, energy and financial-accounting legislation at the same time.

Scale and use of the TAO reduction

Up to 70% of the corporate tax can be spent on energy efficiency investments in the form of a tax credit. The tax credit can be used in the form of a tax retention. The maximum amount of tax relief that can be claimed by the taxpayer is:

  • 50% of the total cost of the investment in the case of small enterprises
  • 40% of the total cost of the investment in the case of medium-sized enterprises
  • 30% of the total cost of the investment in the case of large enterprises

The relief may be claimed for the commissioning and operation of the investment in the tax year in which the investment is commissioned or in the following five tax years.

Costs eligible for deduction in the form of corporation tax relief:

  • cost of the equipment for the production of energy from renewable energy sources for own heating, cooling and industrial heating, equipment not capable of producing electricity for own activity (in particular electrically driven-, groundwater-, air-source- and gas heat pumps, solar collectors, and equipments utilising own waste, biogas and biomass) ;
  • cost of the tangible asset directly linked to the achievement of a higher level of energy efficiency for the purpose of the energy efficiency investment, where the costs of the investment for energy efficiency purposes can be identified as a separate investment within the total cost of the investment, or
  • that part of the cost of the tangible asset that is part of the investment directly serving energy efficiency objectives that is the incremental cost of a similar, less energy-efficient investment that the taxpayer would have credibly made even without the tax credit.


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Energy tenders, including building energy and renewable energy

In general, all tenders distinguish between two major groups of improvements, building energy improvements and renewable energy improvements.

Yes, most tenders (depending on the requirements) allow this.

Yes, we have several contracting partners we can recommend (solar panels and heat pumps)


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